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The largest use of fresh water in the United States is for irrigation purposes. A of this water is obtained from groundwater, which only has a limited supply. Each year, aquifers are exhausted of water or contaminated, making sources of fresh water for irrigation increasingly scarce. Farms around the world have started to utilize alternative methods for water conservation and protection of this precious natural resource.

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Boiler Feed Water Purifiaction Process

The main contaminants to remove are hardness, iron, silica, sodium and chlorides. The basic process removes the suspended matter before reverses osmosis (dissolved solids reduction) and finally EDI polishing. RO pre-treatment commonly consists of coagulation, flocculation, clarification, sand filtration, etc. Essentially 100% of the suspended particles must be removed in the pre-treatment. RO removes approximately 99+% of dissolved salts in water or TDS.

EDI is the final polisher. Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI or EDI) is a process that uses electricity to produce ultra-pure deionized/demineralized water. While it utilizes ion exchange resin, it is continuously self-regenerated without the use of chemicals (i.e. caustic and acid used with conventional ion exchange systems).

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Disaster Relief

When natural disasters strike, organizations from all over the world spring into action to provide assistance for the survivors. One of the most obvious necessities is providing food and water for those in need. Relief organizations need portable, energy efficient, reliable systems that can take seawater, nearby lakes, or even water main access and ensure good, clean water is available. Intellect Aqua has designed thousands of Reverse Osmosis systems that operate around the world every day to provide potable water solutions.

Organizations like AWWA (the American Water Works Association) establish standards of water equipment as it relates to emergency preparedness for large companies and utilities alike. These standards are internationally recognized as a necessity of systems for disaster relief. Intellect Aqua strives to meet any purification or structural standard you may have. For more information on the kind of water purification system you need to meet these standards, call Intellect Aqua today.

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Environmental - Freshwater & Seawater Conservation

The conservation of our diminishing freshwater resources is important, but pollution on the open seas is a growing world issue as well. Dumping, industrial fishing waste, and off-shore platform failures can cause damage to the biodiversity of our planet's oceans. Billions of dollars are invested annually into controlling the damage caused in these accidents. Thousands of fish and marine mammals can die in a single oil spill, but that's not the only concern. Algae and planktons are becoming more and more prevalent as producers of biofuels and modern medicines, and the damage to some of the key species of these microscopic organisms makes it more and more difficult to utilize their effectiveness. A negative impact on the ocean has a negative impact on the entire planet, and Intellect Aqua is there to ensure that we leave the oceans better than when we find them.

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Food & Beverage

The bottling industry always has a large demand for purified water. There are tens of thousands of beverage industries around the world producing billions of gallons of soft drinks every day. Each and every one has slightly different requirements on what purity of water they are looking for, and Intellect Aqua is always willing to customize a water treatment solutions to meet your standards.

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EDI systems are ideal solutions to many hospital applications, and we offer a full line of fully customizable Electro-Deionization systems, which are all engineered using advanced computer modeling and process design software for individual customized solutions.

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Hotels and resorts carry enormous pressure to perform as the ultimate getaway for their customers. With the array of water applications that the hotel/resort industry provide, delivering the highest quality of water is imperative to enhance the overall customer experience. Whether it be the water quality of pools/spas, drinking water, or cooking water, ultra-purified water would accentuate the most central services for the ultimate customer experience. In addition, incorporating a water treatment system is environmentally-friendly and will help reduce the establishment’s carbon footprint.

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Marine - Seawater Purification Systems

Intellect Aqua Inc., a desalination company, is a leader in the supply of packaged/skidded desalination systems using Reverse Osmosis. The company works closely with membrane manufacturers to design, build, test and deliver custom desalination systems. Depending on the location (salinity and temperature) and cost of energy, Intellect Aqua provides the most cost effective solutions by selecting the optimal energy recovery device and materials of construction (grade of stainless steel). Intellect Aqua sells value by focusing on the life cycle cost.

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Military - Military Desalination Systems

For off-shore military applications, Intellect Aqua Desalination Systems can be a dedicated water source on ships and large seafaring vessels. These systems can filter seawater feed and make clean, safe product for cooling, grey water purposes, and even food and beverages. Many of these large military ships, when not in use protecting their nation, make excellent emergency relief platforms, producing millions of gallons of drinkable water daily for disaster relief, droughts and shortages, and off-shore assistance.

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Mining Industry Solutions

As a complete system integrator, Intellect Aqua has a wide range of solutions for the mining section, specifically:

  • Packaged Drinking Water Plants
  • Effluent polishing to meet discharge requirements (i.e. selenium)
  • Treating industrial process water in general

Intellect Aqua has supplied a number of UF drinking (potable) water systems to the mining industry in Latin America. In addition, we have been involved in nitrate and selenium treatment (RO) for mining operations in Canada. If you have water treatment needs at your mining operation, call Intellect Aqua today.

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Intellect Aqua has a global presence with commercial industrial water treatment. You can feel confident knowing our water purification plants are built to last for decades, and will keep producing water for decades to come.

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Offshore - Custom Seawater Systems

Intellect Aqua has designed hundreds of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems that operate all around the world, purifying millions of gallons of water every day. We have almost one hundred years of membrane systems experience, and our team of qualified engineers will design a custom system for you to meet any filtration needs you might have.

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Pharmaceutical applications are among some of the most complex, but some of the most important, producing the medicines that save millions and millions of lives around the world. Intellect Aqua's advanced disinfection systems can meet any water treatment standard, and continue to do so today.

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Power & Energy

Intellect Aqua, Inc.’s core business is water treatment and has a number of products for the Power and Energy industry. Whether that is condensate polishing, cooling water treatment systems, or boiler feed water treatment. As a complete system integrator, Intellect Aqua has a wide range of solutions for the varied sources of water and different types of contaminants associated with boiler feed water.

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Spot Free

Water treated with reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems for car washes exhibits special properties - unlike normal municipal water, it doesn't leave scale deposits on cars when it dries. Intellect Aqua can provide your washing facility with the materials necessary to turn it into a spot-free wash, dramatically improving your ability to clean.

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Water contents have a tendency to widely vary from location to location. It's very important that if you have water treatment needs that you get your water analysed so we can tailor a system specifically to your needs. Any one of these things could make your water dangerous to drink, even toxic or life-threatening.

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