water treatment plants in Coimbatore



Wastewater treatment of gold mining enterprises is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the protection of natural water bodies from pollution. A radical solution to the problem lies in the combination of wastewater treatment with the organization of a complete water cycle, in which wastewater is not discharged into natural water bodies, but is returned to the enterprise for reuse. At the same time, the consumption of fresh water is sharply reduced, since in this case it is introduced into the process only to make up for the losses of solutions due to evaporation, filtration through the bed of tailings, entrainment with tailings, etc. The complexity of solving the problem of water circulation is associated with the accumulation of impurities(soluble chlorides, hardness salts, etc.) in the circulating solutions, which have a complex and not fully understood effect on the technological indicators of cyanidation. At the same time, the experience of a number of mills using water rotation indicates that in most cases these difficulties can be overcome.

water treatment plants