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INTELLECT AQUA provides economical solution for water and waste treatment technologies.We offer high quality Water Treatment Systems to our customers at very affordable market price. These products are used to produce safe drinking water for housing societies, hostels restaurants and hospitals.Water Treatment Systems are also used to produces high purity water that are used in artificial kidney dialysis machine in hospitals. These products are highly recommended among our clients as these efficiently removes up to 95% of total dissolved solids or salinity to produce safe, pure, and clean water.

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We are the leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in coimbatore, effulent treatment plant manufacturer, ultra filtration system manufacturer, Evaporator and demineralization system manufacturer, water softner system manufacturer in coimbatore, biogas plant manufacturer in coimbatore, Ro treatment plant manufacturer in coimbatore, Water softner treatment plant manufacturer in coimbatore,reverse osmosis treatment plant manufacturer in coimbatore.

Water Treatment

Compact Ro Water System in coimbatore

RO Compact

Compact Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturer in coimbatore

RO Regular

Compact Water Softener in coimbatore

Softner Compact

Regular Water Softener manufacturer in coimbatore

Softner Regular

Waste Water Treatment

Stp Water Treatment plant in coimbatore

STP Civil

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in coimbatore

STP Packaged

 Etp Plant Manufacturers in coimbatore

ETP Civil

packaged effluent treatment plant in coimbatore

ETP Packaged

Ultrafiltration System Manufacturers in coimbatore

Ultra Filteration

Wastewater Evaporator Manufacturer in coimbatore


Renewable Energy

Organic Waste Converter Manufacturer in coimbatore

Organic Waste Convertor(OWC)

Biogas Plant Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Bio Gas Plant

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